Sergey Zheludkov


Sergey Zheludkov was born in Donetsk. He began to learn music at the age of 3. He got elementary musical education in Moscow at A.S. Dargomyzhsky's music school. He continued his education in the M.M. Ippolitov-Ivanov's college at the department of choral conducting and composition, where his main teachers were composer Alexander Flyarkovsky, Stanislav Gusev (artistic director of the Yurlov's State Academic Capella) and composer Efrem Podgaits. At the same time Sergey took lessons from Viktor Popov, the founder, artistic director and chief conductor of the Big Children’s Choir of the National Radio and Central Television and the founder of the Academy of Choral Singing. Graduating from college, he continued his studies at the Moscow State Conservatory at the department of opera and symphony conducting with Gennady Rozhdestvensky and studied composition with Roman Ledenev.

..."The orchestra conducted by Sergey Zheludkov draws attention from the first minutes. Having a worthy leader, the orchestra wins listeners with its exceptional performing qualities: perfect congruence, emotionality, timbre and dynamic variety, depth of sound, breath.
One should make special mention of Sergey Zheludkov as a conductor, original, professional, bright and talented musician."
(Efrem Podgaits)

In 2007, Sergey Zheludkov was a participant of the master-class of choral conducting in the project “National Youth Choir of Russian conservatories”. He was awarded the winner of the V'th all-Russian competition of musical and educational programs (2009).

The e
xtensive repertoire of the conductor includes Russian and foreign contemporary music as well. A characteristic feature of the performing style of Sergey Zheludkov is a desire for maximum melodiousness and expressiveness of the orchestra. Deserved recognition was gained by the performance of works of Russian classics, in particular the works of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Stravinsky.

..."The musical style of Sergey Zheludkov is deeply original and distinguished by vivid expressiveness. Thanks to his composer’s gift, he is sensitive to the peculiarities of the styles of his fellow composers from different eras . He enthusiastically interprets their music, adding his own vivid expressions, revealing the magical word of the compositions to the audience.
His conducting skills are distinguished by very special technique, based on a deep comprehension of the author’s intention.
As a true artist, Sergey has strong will and high emotional intensity. Having a great sense of form, which especially influences his interpretation of music, carefully “polishing” the details and playing with an endless variety of orchestra timbres, Sergey brings a new perception to the understanding of the music.
As a versatile musician and composer, Sergey develops traditions of the Russian contemporary classical music. His pieces are deeply rooted in the great traditions of the Russian culture. One of the characteristic features of Sergey’s music is the expressive melody, sincere simplicity and fascinating deepness at the same time"
(Gennady Rozhdestvensky)

..."Sergei Zheludkov is a unique artist. His art intertwines most sincere and humane lines, filled with powerful force and spirit.
A fine musician and gifted composer and conductor, founder and leader of "The First Symphony Orchestra", Sergey Zheludkov is a worthy follower and successor of traditions of the Russian performing art. "
(Alexander Flyarkovsky)

Sergey Zheludkov is an author of symphonic, chamber, vocal, choral works, music for children, arrangements of Russian folk, popular songs, music for films and theatrical performances.

Sergey Zheludkov's music included in the repertoire of world-famous bands and musicians (The Moscow State Academic Choir conducted by Vladimir Minin, The Sveshnikov's State Academic Russian Choir, The Big Children’s Choir ofthe Russian state radio “Voice of Russia”, Moscow Male Choir, Moscow Synodal Choir, Choir of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Orchestra of the Moscow Conservatory, Orchestra of the Ippolitov-Ivanov Institute, First Symphony Orchestra,Vladimir Miller, Yuri Vishnyakov, Zourab Sotkilava, Galina Vishnevskaya,Valentine Berlinsky, Evgeny Krylatov, Alexander Vedernikov, Peter Jermihov, Glenn Miller, Boris Tevlin, Victor Popov, Nikolay Petrov, Olga Smirnova, Ekaterina Shipulina), is often performed in the world best concert halls (The Great Hall of the Moscow International House of Music, The Great Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory, The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall , The Concert Hall of the State Academic Capella of St. Petersburg), presented at festivals and competitions, included in the curriculas of leading Russian higher music institutions.

The works of Sergey Zheludkov published in the world-famous publishing house Carus-Verlag GmbH & Co, "Musica Neo" (Switzerland) and Russian publishing "Modern Music".

..."Creative work of Sergey Zheludkov represents the brightest example of distinctive, exquisite, thoroughly comprehended art. It embodies the most sincere and bright images. The music attracts due to its naturalness, native, plaintive tunes. It fascinates and makes one think simultaneously. .
His choral cycles, such as "Five choruses to lyrics by Russian poets", "Youth", "Three prayers for bass and male chorus", "Christmas Songs", cantatas "Voice from the Chorus", "Golden Dream" are closely connected to creative works of Kastaltsky, Gretchaninov, Chesnokov, Kalinnikov, Taneyev, Sviridov, Gavrilin , Ledenev . In these compositions Zheludkov follows the traditions of the Russian school of composition, developing genres of choral miniature, concert, cantata, and poem.
Composer’s style of Zheludkov wins the audience due to its melodic richness, fresh musical language and at the same time bold simplicity which is unique nowadays.  The composer follows the word, its artistic embodiment. He takes care of each accord without going beyond the human voice and meanwhile achieving incredible strength in music and drama".
(Vladimir Minin)

..."The music by Sergey Zheludkov is something brand new, unusual, vivid and very natural in contemporary art. It does not just attract but really wins the hearts of performers and listeners by its extraordinary purity, poetry, love, serious philosophical reflections, depth and extraordinary simplicity and beauty at the same time. Created with the greatest skill and filled with melodic scattering, it certainly found its way to the most secret and hidden parts of the human soul".(Evgeniy Krylatov)

In 2014, upon the invitation of the rector of the Academy of Arts and Innovation, Sergey headed the Department of classical music. Along with teaching activities he regularly gives master-classes, participates in the jury of competitions.

…”Please accept my sincere congratulations. I truly believe that the energy, you organize such large-scale events with, will make a great contributon to the development of Russian performance art, as well as support to the young talents and the preservation of the traditions of the Russian conducting and composition school. “
(Vladimir Spivakov)

As a music public figure and music expert, he performs on radio, television and in print media, such as: First Channel, Culture, WORLD, OTR, Soyuz, Tsargrad; ECHO of Moscow, Radio of Russia, Says Moscow, ORPHEI; Arguments and Facts, Evening Moscow, etc.

“First Symphony Orchestra” is a unique community of professional musicians, founded in 2010 by Sergey Zheludkov.

The orchestra musicians are permanent participants and awardees of the Russian and international competitions. Inexhaustible energy and enormous creativity of the orchestra allows to realize an extraordinary and memorable projects.

"First Symphony Orchestra” has a great concert repertoire, which contained a lot of rarely performed compositions of the past and present.

The orchestra is particularly interested in the works of XX century,s composers and the music of contemporary authors, tries to support perspective young composers.

Undoubted jewel of the repertoire of  "First Symphony Orchestra" are the works of Sergey Zheludkov, as well as his author's transcriptions and arrangements of world famous musical masterpieces.

The mission of the orchestra is to preserve and develop the best Russian and worldwide performance traditions.

“First Symphony Orchestra” considers its most important aim to promote actively Russian music of XX century and the present, reveal new talented performers and composers and ensure the continuity of generations.

"Moscow Male Choir" is a collection of rarely beautiful voices representing the elite of singing art.  

moscow male choir

Founded by prominent conductor and composer Sergey Zheludkov, Moscow Male Choir is the leading male vocal group of the Capital, combining the unsurpassed qualities of high performing culture and noble sound.

The repertoire of the Moscow Male Choir is based on the spiritual masterprieces of Russian composers, folk songs, as well as classical music. Most of the masterprieces adapted by Sergey Zheludkov especially for the Moscow Male Choir. These unique  works perfomed only by this Choir.

The activity of the choir is represented by various directions: concert, divine services, social projects, support of events. In each of  these areas Moscow Male Choir is perfect.

  Sergei Zheludkov